Blue in the Face

Holding our breath—tight! Lips pursed! Cheeks stretched like bulbous drums! We are venturing into the crazy-go-nuts–never thought we’d be that family—amazing world of homeschooling.


I hadn’t planned on blogging again, not ever—no, never, but as we prepare to take this great, unconventional leap, splashing about in the water, I have realized it would do me well to have a place to come up for air, to take a deep breath, and to document our bright spots, our discoveries, our triumphs. Homeschooling is something I love talking about—but I pity the persons in my life who have to give ear to my enthusiasm when they’d rather be listening to just about anything else. Curriculums! Philosophies! Early Childhood Education! Montessori! Reggio Emilia! THE LOVELY CHARLOTTE MASON! LIVING BOOKS!! If you’d like to hear me talk about the subject offline, I will still happily wag my tongue. But here, no one expects or rather, longs for me to change the subject, and therefore I shall take a big, burpish gulp of fresh air, grin like a fool, and wax on and on about the joys of homeschool. Like I actually know what I’m talking about. Because, really? My oldest is not yet four.


Okay, so I may have yet an abundance of experience tidied up in my meager reserves of home education knowledge and wisdom, but I have studied the subject for the better part of three years, and continue to do so. Yes! So stay tuned, Mom! 

2 thoughts on “Blue in the Face

  1. You just described my dream. Having the opportunity to pick your brain about every topic you just mentioned. We just visited a montessori school this week to check it out, and I seriously got teary eyed. I have always been smitten with her philosophy, but dropping that much money seems absolutely absurd to Mike, which I don’t totally disagree with (“ali that’s a semester of college!!”). We’ll see what we decide to do. Do you have any books or resources you have especially loved?


    • If we lived closer to a Montessori school that I believed to be worth the money, we would have gone that route (there are two close to us, but neither is worth the expense, and I’ve heard “bad” things about both schools). I really like Dancing Moose, for the most part, but the expense and the distance were too much. The other issue at hand is, if we do it for one child, we want to do it for all of our kids, and that’s really isn’t a possibility for us financially.

      When friends ask me about our decision to homeschool, and how difficult it appears to them, I respond with, “I don’t think anyone should homeschool unless they are called to do it.” Of course, I mean that both in the spiritual sense (definitely something you want some personal revelation on), and just what you believe is best for your child. If I had had John first, I probably wouldn’t have considered homeschooling. But I have this wonderful, odd little duck of a firstborn, and I learnt early on that a different approach was required, at least for the early years. Anyway, there are a lot of books I could recommend, depending on what you’re looking for. If you are interested in homeschooling, there are a lot of different places to start your research. If you’re more interested in just learning about different pedagogies, etc., that’s sort of different place to travel. Charlotte Mason is one of the homeschool “greats,” but at the same time, I feel any parent could benefit from her wisdom (her views on habit training are wonderful). If you are interested in homeschooling, you should try to find a Facebook page for homeschoolers in your area. We have been deeply blessed with a wonderful homeschool community. We found an awesome art and gym co-op, made up of wonderful families, and we have gained some wonderful friendships. We have weekly opportunities to meet up with other homeschoolers for play dates, field trips, and parties; we almost have too much of a social life due to homeschooling. It’s great to have some friends who are doing it with you, and also to have support. So if you’re seriously considering it, I recommend finding out more about your own homeschool community.


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